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So, you are ready for your first summer job. You march into the local mall food court and fill out ten job applications.
Everyone is hiring and you are psyched - your new job paying 7 bucks an hour will pay for summer movies, some new clothes and a whole bunch of new CDs.

You might even have enough left over to save some for college or a used car. You give the employer the thumbs up and are ready to start work tomorrow. Except now you need to get a work permit.

Yep, if you are between 14 and 17 you might need to get a work permit to legally work - and if you are under 14 you may only be able to work doing special jobs and you will need special permission.

Do I Need to Get a Job Before I Can Get a Work Permit?
Yes. In most states you need to get the job first. Once you have an offer for employment you can legally obtain a work permit. This is so the person issuing the permit can review the job you have obtained to make sure it fits within the laws that apply to you based on your age and where you live.

What Does a Work Permit Cost?
A work permit is free to obtain.

Where Do I Get A Work Permit?
The best place to get a work permit is through your middle school or high school administrative office. Even when school is out your school should have someone on staff with the work permit forms and the answers to your questions.

What Do I Need?
You will need proof of your date of birth - a passport, driver's license, ID card or birth certificate. You will also need the signature of your parent or guardian. Depending on where you live you may also need a copy of your report card during the school year. Some schools will not let you get a work permit during the school year if you are not doing well in school. Each school, county and state across the country might have its own rules and regulations you will need to follow.

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But what kinds of jobs can you do at 14 with this permit?

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